Why should church priests be paid from the public treasury?

Andhra Pradesh High Court questions pro-Christian YSR Congress government

Amaravati (AP) – The Andhra Pradesh High Court has questioned the salary paid to church priests (pastors) by the state government headed by Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy. The High Court asked the government: “Why should church priests be paid out of the public purse? The High Court also said: “Expenditure on religious activities/programmes is another matter and payment of salary to a priest is different.”

Vijay Kumar of Vijayawada had filed a public interest litigation in the High Court challenging the state government’s decision to pay the salaries of Christian priests. The High Court has asked the government to respond in this case. Andhra Pradesh government is also being questioned on social media why priests are being paid with public money?

1. While pleading on behalf of Vijay Kumar, Advocate P Shri Raghuram told the court that the chief priests of the temple are paid from donations made by devotees. Imams in mosques are also paid in this way, but church priests are paid directly by the public treasury.

2. Advocate General S Sriram, while arguing on behalf of the state government, told the court that the state government can make grants for religious activities under Section 27 of the Constitution.

3. On this point, the High Court said that spending on religious holidays and paying salary are two different things. The payment of priests’ salaries cannot be considered as an expense for religious celebrations.

4. There are reports of Christian missionaries in Andhra Pradesh involved in conversions. Yuvajan Shramika Rithu Congress MP Krishnam Raju had raised his voice against Christian missionaries involved in conversions in Andhra Pradesh. Raju had demanded the security of the Center citing a threat to his life from his own party. MP Raju had said in June 2020 that missionaries were openly converting people in Andhra Pradesh. Although the number of Christians in the state is 2.5% according to government statistics, the actual number is not less than 25%.

Editorial point of view
  • If Hindus make any religious demand they would preach “India is a secular country” while on the other hand every government has propaganda to waste money on Muslims and Christians based on the religion. When will the Hindus realize this?
  • What’s wrong if someone thinks that “Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy is himself a Christian so the public treasury is wasted on priests”?
  • Why are the so-called secularists keeping quiet now?

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