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This month, a document was sent to the Vatican by the Catholic Church in Ireland which has been described as “explosive, life-altering, dogma-altering, church-altering”.

The document demands changes in the attitude of the Church towards women, LGBTI+ people, divorced or remarried people and single parents and calls for the removal of the rule of compulsory celibacy for priests.

The so-called national summary document was based on reports prepared by the 26 Catholic dioceses on the island of Ireland and is part of worldwide preparations in the Church for a synod of bishops convened by Pope Francis for October of the ‘next year.

Can the Catholic Church in Ireland really change?

Demands from Irish Catholics for a major change in the Church’s attitude towards women, LGBTI+ people, divorced or remarried people and single parents have been sent to Rome as part of a Vatican project to take into account the considerations of the faithful. But will the Church really change? Patsy McGarry is a religious affairs correspondent.

But are Irish voices likely to be heard in Rome? Will the document bring about significant changes and be enough to arrest the decline of the church in Ireland?

And what are other countries saying and doing?

Patsy McGarry, religious affairs correspondent for the Irish Times, speaks to In The News about the document, its significance and the state of the Catholic Church in Ireland today and what it could become in the future. coming.

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