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The Warren County Supervisory Board will decide on Monday whether nine nonprofits will receive a $ 149,000 share of the American Recovery Plan Act funds.

Vice-chairman Shawn Jackson said the group includes local veterans organizations and youth groups.

“The veterans groups, a lot of their work was around young people and it was really simple,” she said. “So we have five youth groups and four veterans groups. We have also agreed to fund 11 other youth groups who will provide additional information at the next (future) meetings. “

Groups approved on Monday will be the first to receive ARPA funds from the county. Warren County received $ 8.8 million in American Recovery Plan Act funds, which have been approved by Congress to help jumpstart the economy following shutdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The supervisory board selected the first organizations during a working session on Monday during which board members considered the demands of the youth groups.

“We did a real check of applications that were mostly young people on Monday,” Jackson said. “These ended up being worthy projects that fit the letter of the ARPA law and the county’s priorities.”

She said the total amount of youth requests was over $ 600,000, adding that some requests will require additional project information.

“We decided to vote affirmatively on $ 149,000 of that amount and these were projects we didn’t need any additional information for and we thought that was a good place to start,” Jackson said. .

She said the board’s approach to managing fund allocations was to strategize and hold public meetings to determine the need. She said public applications were divided into 10 categories with an estimate of funds attached to each category.

Some items, she said, like $ 300,000 for Warren County repairs were urgently needed.

Supervisors held a series of public hearings on the funds, Jackson said, adding that when funding requests were received, they were assigned a category. The board takes each category one at a time, determines which programs qualify and meet the board’s criteria, and then moves on.

“These categories are really a rough guide based on priority and usage,” Jackson said.

Youth services, she said, was the first category addressed by the council. The next category to tackle, she said, is housing, followed by tourism “and we’ll just keep going through them methodically.”

She said some items such as water were not included because there are other potential revenue sources such as federal infrastructure funds and possible ARPA matching funds from the state.

“We’re going to have to have another (verification) session but I think once we get the method in place… we have 121 requests and we have gone over close to 50, considering the ones we have decided against. and Monday and we still have three years (to allocate the money).

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