there is still time to help the ordinands

LENT is over, but we are giving our readers a few more weeks to help Church hours Train-A-Priest Fund (TAP).

Another week of headlines about the rising cost of living in the UK could put a damper on donations – but we have faith in our readers. We are sure they realize the crippling effect rising prices are having in Africa, where few people have the financial cushions that still apply in the developed world.

This makes every donation, large or small, to fund the training of ordinands in Africa all the more urgent. The scholarships are distributed through our partners at the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA). Not a penny is retained by them or by the Church hours for the administration of the TAP Africa Fund. Every penny goes directly to the ordinands for their support during the training.

We are happy to repeat the words of the Principal of St Philip’s Theological College, Maseno, Kenya, Reverend Leonard Mulogo: “I express my heartfelt thanks for your continued financial, spiritual and moral support. This is our sincere prayer. . . that our warm and fruitful diplomatic collaboration will not cease. . . since it is to the glory and honor of the ministry of God.

How to Donate to the TAP Fund

Please complete the form in last week’s newspaper if you would like to send a charity check or voucher. But we encourage you to donate online, quickly and securely. Here is our preferred method:

However, we will accept donations of any shape and size. Please make checks payable to “The TAP Fund” and send to: TAP Fund, Church hoursHymns Ancient and Modern, 13a Hellesdon Road, Norwich NR6 5DR.

If you are a UK taxpayer of income or capital gains tax, the Church hours, through the charity Hymns Ancient & Modern, can recover 25 pence for every pound you donate through Gift Aid. If you are eligible, please indicate this when you donate online or fill out a form and send it with your cheque.

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