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The Canon theologian of the Trinity is responsible for the vision, planning, implementation and evaluation of Christian formation in this great cathedral parish. Under the supervision of the dean and at the head of the training team (composed of the director of the ministries of children and the family, the director of the ministries of youth, the administrative assistant of children, youth and families and the director of the Sunday school), the canon theologian the people of the Trinity in the deep questions of the Christian faith and life, leading them to seek answers – and deeper questions – in Sacred Scripture and the teaching of the Church.

The canon theologian directly oversees all adult education opportunities, coordinating with the dean, canon pastor and lay volunteers to provide rich and varied Bible studies, thematic classes, small group meetings, weekend breaks. retreat and more on Sundays and throughout each week and the liturgical season. . In all things, the Theologian Canon seeks to nourish the cathedral’s life of faith through learning and study, and to equip mature disciples to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

The theologian canon leads the formation team by articulating a clear plan for all Christian formation at the cathedral, supporting the directors in the implementation of this plan and holding them accountable for their work. In this way, a consistent and continuous path for growth in the Christian faith and life is mapped out for all of our people, and the canon theologian serves as their guide and companion along the way.

Strategic responsibilities:

  • Work with the dean to ensure that Trinity provides substantive, nurturing, and relevant paths for all parishioners to form in the Christian faith and life.
  • Develop, implement and evaluate training plans for adult cathedral members.
  • Oversee and support the development of formation plans for the children, youth and families of Trinity Cathedral, overseeing the work of the formation team and lay volunteers.
  • Evaluate and creatively redesign training strategies related to sacramental preparation, for example for baptism and marriage.
  • Integrate study and service opportunities into the larger life of the cathedral, striving to involve all Trinity parishioners in these essential aspects of membership.
  • To instill spirituality and home service practices among the families of Trinity Cathedral.

Regular tasks:

  • Preach, teach, celebrate the sacraments and provide pastoral care in collaboration with the dean and canons as part of the regular rotation of priestly responsibilities.
  • Attend and participate in full staff, canon staff and clergy meetings, as well as monthly sacristy meetings.
  • Attend and participate in diocesan and local clergy meetings and annual retreats.
  • Other tasks assigned by the dean.

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