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The throwing and the sea of ​​marriage was too hard for Ralph and Vicki, and soon after they went to court and their marriage was called off.

It wasn’t too long, however, after the marital knot was untied they found themselves at their wit’s end.

And, being lost, they started dating again and once again they fell in love and decided to get married.

However, when Ralph and Vicki went to their Catholic priest to arrange their wedding, the priest, who had married many women and whom they believed likely to be knowledgeable about the subject of marriage, told them that they had not. to be remarried since in the eyes of the Church, having seen their marriage annulled, they never divorced.

Tiptoeing out of church, Ralph and Vicki set up the household again and lived together as husband and wife until Ralph suddenly died of a work-related injury and Vicki asks. workers’ compensation.

“We are very sorry,” he was told. “But, you were never married after the annulment of the first marriage. Therefore, you are not his widow.”

“This is absurd,” Vicki protested. “Not only has a Catholic priest assured us that we are married, but I have six children to prove it.”

Dismissed from workers ‘compensation, Vicki took the case – and her six children – to court, demanding that she seek workers’ compensation.


Would you give Vicki the worker’s compensation she claims?



The judge ruled, in effect, that having had six children with Ralph, it would be difficult for anyone to deny that Vicki was Ralph’s widow.

Furthermore, the judge concluded, Vicki cannot be held responsible for having been misinformed by a priest.

Based on a 1974 New Jersey Supreme Court decision

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