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LA CROSSE, Wis. (AP) — A defiant priest who was removed from his position at La Crosse last year is due to speak to Beloit this summer.

The La Crosse Tribune reported Sunday that the Reverend James Altman will speak at the Coalition for Canceled Priests’ one-year anniversary event in Beloit in June.

Bishop William Patrick Callahan removed Altman from his ministry at St. James the Less in La Crosse in July after Altman made a series of controversial remarks, including stating that Catholics cannot be Democrats, anyone who supports the Democrats will burn in hell and pandemic-related restrictions on religious gatherings were “Nazi controls.” His Orthodox approach to mass and sermons caused some parishioners to leave St. James, but galvanized conservative members of that church.

Callahan clarified in September that Altman remains a priest in the Diocese of La Crosse and continues to be paid.

Altman appeared on a March 16 episode of the “US Grace Force” Catholic podcast. He said during the episode titled “Are We Past the Point of No Return?” that he hopes God calls his parents to heaven “before it all hits the fan – which is coming soon”.

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He also downplayed the significance of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and criticized the media for exaggerating reports of death and destruction there. He said the war was not worth the global response it generated and that the media should focus on issues along the southern border of the United States and China.

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