Account types:

-Operating account

Note: for information about bank rates, please contact us.

Initial deposit

  The initial deposit required to open the account is USD 5,000.

Minimum balance

  The minimum required balance in the account is 2 500 USD.

Procedure for opening a personal account in Antigua and Barbuda

-Provide World Offshore of the required documents (see list below).

-Complete the forms of the bank and send a signed and scanned copy of them to receive the pre-approval .

Personal account in Antigua and Barbuda, necessary documents

1) Notarized copy of the passport (of the page with photo and signature). This must be certified as a true copy of the original, but not the translation . The certification of the passport copy must be in English or translated into English.

2) Notarized copy of a valid public service invoice, for verification of the physical address (with no more than three months old).

3) Original of a personal banking reference. (The Account Relationship with the issuing bank must be at least one year before this account request, the reference must be current and addressed to the Bank, to its person or “to whom it corresponds”).

Note: All documents must be translated into English. The bank may require additional documents.

Opening period

Once the signed originals of the bank forms are supplied, along with all the certified copies required, the process of opening the account lasts approximately 20 business days. The printed copies must be sent to the bank after the opening of the account.

World Offshore Guarantees and Commissions:

  • The opening of the bank account is at the sole discretion of the bank.
  • Us Offshore is not responsible for the decision made by the bank. The same can change the procedure, the terms and the opening requirements when it considers it pertinent.
  • Offshore World Commissions are not refundable.
  • Us Offshore commissions do not include bank rates.