Pastors’ assignments take effect July 28: Eléazar Silva Galvan

Friday 09 Jul 2021

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Bro. Eléazar Silva Galvan

Bro. Eléazar Silva Galvan

Bro. Eleazar Silva-Galván was born in Mexico City and attended school there before entering Mt. Angel Seminary in Oregon. He then returned to Mexico City to attend Universidad La Salle and did graduate studies at Regina Apostolorum in Rome before being ordained a priest for the Diocese of Papantla by Bishop Lorenzo Cárdenas Aregullín on April 7, 2001.

After various assignments in the Diocese of Papantla, including as spiritual director, professor of theology in the diocesan seminary and sacristan-dean of the cathedral, he arrived in the diocese of Salt Lake City in 2006. His first assignment was that of parish vicar of Paroisse Saint-Georges. He also served in Saint-François-Xavier, in the Cathedral of the Madeleine and in the parishes of the Sacred Heart, Sts. Peter and Paul, and Saint James the Just.

On July 28, he will begin to serve as parish priest of Saint-François d’Assise parish in Orem.

What would you like your new parishioners to know about you?

My new parishioners should know that I love our Catholic faith and all of its expressions, especially the Mass, the sacraments and the liturgy in general. I love art and am a huge fan of music. My life revolves around the liturgical year and there is nothing more important to me than to offer righteous praise to God.

What are you expecting the most from your new assignment?

I come to the parish of Saint Francis of Assisi without any expectations. During my 23 years of diaconal and priestly ministry, I have realized that no matter where Divine Providence takes me, I will find the face of God. In every ward, prison, and school where I ministered, I made good friends, took on challenges, and preached the gospel to everyone who was open to it. It will be the same in Orem.

As a priest, what has been your biggest challenge?

Many believe that my biggest challenge as a priest is my poor eyesight. In fact, being nearly blind is my “normal” and has never stopped me from achieving my goals. The good Lord has always been very good to me. As a priest, I am consecrated to God and to the service of his Church and I have complete confidence in him.

As a priest, what has been your most satisfying experience?

Mass and the sacraments are the source of my joy. When I preside at the Eucharist, which I confess – especially in prison – or when I baptize a child, I rediscover the joy that comes from God, which cannot be described in words. I was able to endure the isolation of the pandemic by saying Mass every day for the faithful who could not attend. Even though I couldn’t see them, I held them in my heart and they were always with me at the holy altar.

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