Mobile instant loans for customers in East Africa

This innovation will play a crucial role in deepening financial inclusion in the country and the region.

  • East Africa:
    KCB, Safaricom partner to launch the “KCB-M-Pesa account”

    DSI, March 10, 2015

    KCB Group and Safaricom today launched a new mobile banking product called “KCB-M-PESA account”. Read more “

  • Kenya:
    Safaricom and KCB launch banking product

    Capital FM, March 10, 2015

    KCB Group and Safaricom have launched a new mobile banking product that will allow customers to obtain loans using their mobile phones and pay at a rate of 2% per month. Read more “

  • Tanzania:
    Vodafone launches M-Pesa payments between Tanzania and Kenya

    DSI, March 9, 2015

    Vodafone, Safaricom’s largest shareholder, has launched its first international corridor for transferring money between Tanzania and Kenya via M-Pesa. Read more “

  • Africa:
    Uber plans to use mobile money service in Africa

    DSI, January 28, 2015

    After launching its service in seven African cities and encountering some pitfalls, notably in Kenya, Uber is exploring the use of mobile money services. Read more “

  • Kenya:
    M-Pesa dealers to benefit from KCB loans

    L’Étoile, February 20, 2013

    Safaricom has partnered with Kenya Commercial Bank to offer M-Pesa agents loans at 20% interest, payable in 12 months.

An SMS from M-Pesa (archive photo).

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