Minnesota bishops emphasize ‘prenatal justice’ in November election

Noting the June 24 U.S. Supreme Court decision quashing Roe v. Wade of the 1973 High Court, which legalized abortion nationwide, the Minnesota bishops issued a statement calling on Catholics to make “how a candidate will work for prenatal justice a primary consideration.” when they entered the voting booth on 8 November.

“Prenatal justice is not simply anti-abortion, although it is the bedrock of pro-life witness,” the bishops said in the statement released Oct. 5 on the Minnesota Catholic Conference website.

“Prenatal justice means the establishment of just relationships between the mother and the unborn child in her womb, between society and the unborn child, and between society and the mother and father of the unborn child. . As life begins in the womb, so must justice,” the bishops, including Archbishop Bernard Hebda and Bishop Joseph Williams of the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, said.

Protecting innocent children from abortion and ensuring parents meet their obligations must include society ensuring that mothers and fathers are supported when needed due to economic hardship, the Bishops said. This means, among other things, policies that fund nutritional support for pregnant women, adequate health care, childcare assistance, housing assistance and other supports for parents and children. they stated.

The High Court’s June decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, stating that there is no constitutionally protected right to abortion, has referred the issue of abortion to the political process for deliberation, the Bishops said.

“Will states allow the killing of innocent human lives to continue? What are our responsibilities to the child and the mother? How do we foster just relations between them and society at large for the common good? These are questions that the elect must answer as they work to foster prenatal justice,” the Bishops said.

“It would be a dereliction of our duty as bishops to pretend that the issue of abortion was not at the center of Minnesota’s election discourse this year, especially since Dobbs changed the landscape of abortion. in this country,” they said.

In Minnesota, all state legislative and executive officials are up for election, the bishops pointed out.

“What we seek to emphasize here is that just as the bishops of the United States have identified the end of abortion as a preeminent political priority, so too should Catholic voters make the protection of innocent human life and stopping abortion extremism a paramount priority. consideration in our calculation of the vote,” the bishops said.

“Unfortunately, many candidates are openly advocating for Minnesota to become an abortion sanctuary state with taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, as well as pledging to deregulate the abortion industry by removing safeguards put in place. in place to protect women from medical malpractice or to protect adolescent girls from unwise abortions,” they said.

“Far too many others, incidentally, though professing to be pro-life on paper, do their utmost to avoid talking about Minnesota’s future as a potential abortion sanctuary or what should be done to limit abortion, preferring to avoid the subject altogether,” the bishops said.

“In this situation, it is incumbent on lay Catholics to be especially proactive in speaking to applicants about prenatal justice and supporting legislative and judicial efforts to limit abortion,” the bishops said. “The effect of proactive engagement with candidates, not only in this election cycle but also during their tenure, will give courage and political will to those who support pro-life policies in principle and moderate pro-extremism. -abortion of the other candidates and elected.

Bishops Robert Barron of Winona-Rochester, Andrew Cozzens of Crookston, Daniel Felton of Duluth, Donald Kettler of St. Cloud and Chad Zielinski of New Ulm signed the statement along with Archbishop Hebda and Bishop Williams.

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