Mangaluru: Holy Cross Church bids farewell to Fr. Victor Machado and welcomes Fr. Clifford Fernandes

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Mangaluru, July 17: On July 11, at Holy Cross Church, the parishioners of Cordel bade farewell to their parish priest, Father Victor Machado, after thanksgiving mass.

Recognizing the services rendered by Fr. Victor Machado during six years, on behalf of the parishioners Michael D’Souza, the vice-president of Parish Pastoral had read the quotation ‘maan patr’.

As a sign of gratitude, the outgoing parish priest was honored by Louis Fernandes as well as by the vice-presidents and secretaries of the parish ministry of the parish for the last six years as well as by Father Lawrence Cutinha, Father Shaun Rodrigues and Father Jovin. Vishwas Sequeira, the deputy priests.

The superiors of three convents were also present.

On this occasion, the parish telephone directory was published by Fr. Victor Machado. Lancy Sequeira, the secretary of Parish Pastoral Parishad thanked everyone. Renita Tauro led the program.

Fr. Clifford Fernandes takes office as new parish priest

Father Clifford Fernandes, the new parish priest of the Church of the Holy Cross, was welcomed by the outgoing parish priest, Fr. Victor Machado, the assistant parish priests, members of the parish ministry and parishioners on July 13.

Father Victor Machado handed over the charge to Father Clifford Fernandes during the installation ceremony presided over by the bishop’s delegate, Father Austin Peter Peres.

This was followed by a short welcome program. Fr. Victor Machado welcomed and congratulated Fr. Clifford Fernandes as he took on this new responsibility. Michael D’Souza gave a bird’s eye view of the parish and its functioning.

Later, Father Clifford Fernandes asked for prayers and blessed the congregation. The rector of St Joseph’s Seminary, Father Ronald Serrao, the assistant priests, Father Lawrence Cutinha, Father Shaun Rodrigues and Father Jovin Sequeira, Michael D’Souza, vice-president of Parish Pastoral Parishad, Lancy Sequeira, the secretary of the Parish Pastoral Parishad were present.

Fr. Jovin Vishwas Sequeira accompanied the ceremony and thanked everyone.

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