Malachy Finegan victim files new complaint against Catholic Church

MAN abused by ex-priest Malachy Finegan is about to take legal action against the Catholic Church for the second time.

Sean Faloon was first targeted by Finegan when he was a 10-year-old altar boy.

The lawsuit comes after the existence of unpublished documents relating to her attacker emerged after a lawsuit in the High Court earlier this year.

From Hilltown to Co Down, Mr Faloon (41) previously revealed how his abuse started with hugging and kissing after mass.

Mr. Faloon was then raped and abused over a period of seven years, from 1990 to 1997.

He said the priest told him that if he ever told anyone about the abuse it would “ruin me for the rest of my life.”

Details were revealed when Mr Faloon, who was 17 at the time, spoke to his GP.

His family and the police were later informed, however, no formal complaint was filed.

In 2006, he settled an action against the Diocese of Dromore for a six-figure sum.

Finegan was then sent to a treatment center run by the Catholic Church, Our Lady of Victory, in Stroud in Gloucestershire.

It has now emerged that Mr Faloon is set to launch new legal action against the Catholic Church for his failure to alert police and social services to the assailant while in Gloucestershire.

Finegan resumed his mistreatment of Mr. Faloon two days after returning from the center, resulting in the victim being targeted for another three years.

Mr Faloon’s attorneys said if the authorities in Stroud had acted swiftly on the basis of the information they had, the abuse would have ceased and Finegan would have faced the law.

Mr Faloon said he only became aware of documents held by the church relating to Finegan until June.

“Within two days of his return Stroud Finegan resumed his rape and abuse of me.

“I was traumatized to learn of this.”

Mr Faloon added that Archbishop Eamon Martin’s recent announcement on reparation for victims of abuse in the Diocese of Dromore “will not resolve these kinds of unresolved issues”.

“I have little choice but to take legal action for the second time,” he said.

Attorney Kevin Winters, of KRW Law, said: “It is appalling that lessons have not been learned from the debacle of Father Brendan Smyth’s case.

“The church also sent Smyth to Stroud.

“He returned to Ireland to resume his rape and abuse of dozens of children. “

Mr Winters said the failures in the Smyth case were repeated with Finegan.

Mr Winters said Gloucestershire Police are currently investigating.

Gloucestershire Police have been contacted.

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