LoanTap Launches LT Plus Partner App to Help Consumers With Instant Loans

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The addition to the LoanTap technology suite illustrates the the initiative of the company in building the advanced lending platform not only for its partners, but also for end consumers, who will benefit from the rapid application process.

In the second phase, the company plans to create custom functionality and integration process for more than 50 brands and more than 300 partners across the country.

“Millennials are more than just a sum of generations,” says Mr. Satyam Kumar, CEO & Co-Founder, LoanTap. “We have always helped our clients obtain hassle-free loans by providing them with these innovative products and we believe that the addition of our new application will allow a experience for both our partners and our customers ”.

The LT Plus app is a simple way to bridge the gap between the physical and the digital. It allows a LoanTap Partner to integrate a client looking for a tailor-made loan in less than 5 minutes

Emphasizing the initiative, Mr. Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric, said, “We are delighted to hear the news from LT Plus – LoanTap Partner App. After confinement, weI saw good demand for Hero Electric e- bikes, as more and more people see them as a reliable, safe and economical personal mobility solution. We expect LoanTap’s new partner app to help accelerate the consumer integration process for an electric bike loan, which offers the possibility of paying for your electric bike with ease installments. This makes the electric bicycle affordable and accessible ”.

This premier LT Plus app serves as a catalyst for LoanTap’s goal of transforming the loan process by providing fast, contactless loans using robust technology. P Sanjeev, COO, Ampere Electric, said: “We are very excited about our association with LoanTap. With increasing pollution levels and Governments push towards clean and sustainable mobility solutions, Ampere Electric is at the forefront of providing affordable and smooth electric two-wheelers experience for its growing number of clients through various collaborations. This partnership with LoanTap will speed up the customer onboarding process which can be completed in 5 minutes with zero- political interest EMI. We are confident that together we will generate significant interest among electric scooter buyers in the country. “

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