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Tinubu Shettima Presidential Campaign Council Chief Executive and Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong has apologized to the Catholic Church for his recent comments about the pope.

Lalong apologized in a letter Friday to the president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria.

Recall that the Governor had while defending his decision to accept his nomination as CEO of the CPC, following criticism of the Muslim-Muslim ticket of the All Progressives Congress for the 2023 elections, said that even the Pope did not have it. sentenced.

He wrote: “I have followed with some shock and deep regret the reactions following my appointment as Director General of the Campaign Council of our party’s presidential candidate, APC, Ahmed Tinubu, and his running mate, Ibrahim. Shettima.

“The nomination has understandably drawn mixed reactions from within the Christian community, who sincerely feel aggrieved by our party’s decision to settle for a Muslim-Muslim ticket.

“While many people congratulated me on this appointment and saw it as a way to stay in the system to defend our own interests, others decried it on the grounds that our faith had been insulted and denigrated.

“During this, many of my opponents turned the issue into a political weapon by spreading rumors and questioning the integrity of my credentials as a Catholic and a papal knight.

“In trying to make my point, I have given interviews to justify why I believe the appointment has in no way undermined my commitment to the Catholic Church.

“During the week, during my defense, I had reason to refer to my credentials as a Catholic and a pontifical knight. In the aftermath, I referred to the Holy Father. I surrender now realize that was a mistake on my part and has caused a level of concern and even embarrassment to many, especially members of the Knights Pontifical family to which I belong.

“I now understand that I may have overstepped my bounds in trying to defend my personal decision to accept this appointment and therefore the reference to the Holy Father was not intended to disrespect his exalted office and revered.

“Your Grace, through this written letter, I wish to offer my unreserved apologies and ask for their understanding and forgiveness from my brethren in the Catholic faith and, through you, to all the members of the Episcopal Conference, our Fathers and our leaders .

“My commitment to the Catholic faith, to which I belong, remains unreserved and undiluted. I will continue to uphold the banner of my faith in public life as I have done over the years.

“You may recall, Your Grace, that for the past five years or so I have been at the forefront of facilitating our dialogue as politicians with you, our fathers in the faith. I remain committed to this and pray that you will continue to encourage us as we climb the slippery slope of politics. »

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