Independence Bishop’s Birthday Message

Resolving the ASUU strike “is a priority and ASUU and the government must change ground and avoid any arm-twisting techniques that only aggravate the situation,” he further said, adding, ” The government must find a way to solve this problem, because it is already very tragic that universities have remained closed for so long.

Bishop Badejo continues, “To allow this to continue in this era of campaigning is to invite restless and angry young people into trouble.”

He calls on the leaders, the executive, the legislature and the members of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) “to stand on the side of equity, truth and justice and rehabilitate this country in ruins”.

Reflecting on the country’s general elections scheduled for February 25, 2023, the head of the Catholic Church called on political candidates to “behave accordingly” as they engage in campaigns that officially launched Wednesday, September 28.

“The campaign period has opened towards the national elections in February 2023. All of us, politicians and citizens, must save Nigeria which is at this tipping point and behave accordingly,” he says.

The 61-year-old Nigerian bishop who has been head of the Diocese of Oyo since November 2009 adds, “Our leaders must not suspend governance because of the election campaign. Some challenges just can’t wait for the next diet.

“Government must multitask and come up with solutions even as campaigns are underway,” he further said, adding, “Politicians must engage in non-violence and learn to disagree without being disagreeable. so as not to ignite the tinder of public disaffection all around.”

Nigerian politicians, Bishop Bajedo continued, “must sincerely adhere to the rule of law and avoid double talk. Politics should be mutually respectful and avoid false and hateful rhetoric that heats up the political system.

He calls on the electorate of the West African nation to exercise their civic duty saying, “This is your moment, seize it and demand integrity, accountability and commitment to fair and good governance from all all candidates”.

“Let all civil society organizations support the new energy of positive change that is enveloping our country, especially our young people,” says Bishop Badejo, who began his episcopal ministry in October 2007 as Coadjutor Bishop of the Diocese of Oyo.

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