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Born September 28, 1929 in Montreal, Quebec. Died on August 28, 2021 a month before his 92nd birthday. Only child of F. Arthur Jacobson, Jr. and Dorothy Black Jacobson, American actors who were performing in Canada at the time. As befits the child of a professional theater family, his cradle was a desk drawer in the local hotel.

Arthur’s first job was as a child actor on Chicago radio shows, including episodes of Ma Perkins, Fibber McGee & Molly, and The Story of Bud Barton. A graduate of William & Mary and Northwestern Universities, Arthur wrote, produced, and performed on radio shows for WUOM and produced the Jack Eigen Show at Chez Paree, a Chicago nightclub, before embarking on a career as a teacher. associate of philosophy at Roosevelt. University of Chicago.

Arthur moved to Tucson in 1973, where he owned a motorcycle sidecar business, and went on to work as a stockbroker, tour guide for German motorcyclists discovering the Southwest and as a freelance writer for The Desert Leaf and various motorcycle and business magazines. He also worked as a ghost writer.

Throughout his life, Arthur had a passion for politics. In the 1960s, he worked in the civil rights movement in Evanston, Illinois. After the 1967 coup in Greece, he worked with Melina Mercouri to overthrow the military junta. In the 1980s, he traveled as a human rights observer to war-torn Guatemala with the Presbyterian Church. He wrote political texts for many elected officials and Democratic Party candidates in Tucson and Pima counties.

Arthur was a runner, diver, figure skater, kite, model airplane builder, barber shop harmonizer, and bassist. As a teenager, he had a passion for jazz all his life, sneaking into clubs on the South Side of Chicago.

But Arthur’s primary passion was motorcycles. Over the years he has owned many solo and sidecar bikes which have taken him on trips to camp, hike and meet people across the United States, as well as Canada, in Great Britain and Mexico.

The people of Tucson may remember Arthur as an actor in productions at the Rogue Theater, Borderlands, and Beowulf Alley.

Arthur is mourned by his beloved and loving 42-year-old wife, Katherine; his daughter, Cathy / Catherine (Jack) of Oakland, CA; two grandsons, Cole and Alec from Tucson and many dear friends. He was predeceased by his son, F. Arthur Jacobson IV “Fritz” and his parents.

A celebration of life will take place later. In lieu of flowers, please consider donations to the Rogue Theater, 520-344-8715 or online at

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