I’m so glad I had a wedding in the Catholic Church, and thank you, Father Joe

Much has been said about the future of the Catholic Church in recent weeks. This got me thinking about my own experience of getting married in the church last year. Such a choice could be considered unusual for someone my age (then 30). Most of the wedding ceremonies I attended were not religious. For me, that day was everything I could have wished for – and getting married in church was a big part of that.

I live down the street from the parish of Mount Merrion in Dublin and have always imagined my wedding there. I got ready in my house, surrounded by my closest family and friends, then went just around the corner to get married to my partner of 13 years (indeed, my family considered at one point walking down the road to church, adorned with flowers and ruffles, instead of driving, but Dad wouldn’t have had a chance to show off his classic Ford T-Bird car).

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