I go to monastery ‘under priestly obedience’: Controversial Nigerian priest

Prof. Mbaka also says in his Facebook post that he sees his trip to the monastery “as something that God is going to use as an instrument for more miracles, an instrument to save souls, instruments for the glory of God.”

The Nigerian priest issues a call to prayer saying, “This is a time when we will know true worshippers. Please sustain me with your prayers as I go to engage in deeper reflection, sober contemplation, and inward waiting on the Lord.

“I want to assure you that God has plans for us for a future and hope and not disaster. Take this opportunity to call on God for the integral welfare and welfare of the ministry of worship that is the apple of God’s eye,” he said in his Oct. 5 Facebook post.

“I wish to inform you, dear worshipers, that now is not the time to be cantankerous, sad and angry unnecessarily,” the father said. Mbaka goes on to add, “Stand up in faith and I plead; don’t give the devil a chance.

The 3rd of October, various Nigerian media have reported that Fr. Mbaka had been “removed” from the Enugu Nigeria Ministry of Worship and sent to a monastery. Reports further stated that Bishop Onaga of Enugu Diocese named the father. Anthony Amadi to succeed Fr. Mbaka at the spiritual center.

In a October 4 interview with ACI Africa, the Director of Communication of the Diocese of Enugu, Fr. Benjamin Akchi, criticized media reports, saying Fr. Mbaka had not been transferred, and that Fr. by Anthony Amadi the leadership of the Ministry of Worship Enugu Nigeria would be “in the meantime”.

In his October 5 Facebook post, Fr. Mbaka seeks to clarify his status. He says, “I was not transferred. I go to the monastery to pray and I will come back. It won’t take that long. I will join you. Just pray for me.

“The ministry is not closed. The ministry of worship is a gift from God. It’s a baby of the Holy Spirit. It is the apple of God’s eye,” he says further, and urges members of the Enugu Nigeria Worship Ministry to collaborate with the Fr. Amadi whom he describes as a “good man”.

Pr. Mbaka also says: “I handed over to Father Antony Amadi under the instruction of my Lord Bishop, whom I helped to select”.

“Father Amadi is a very good man. Please work with him, pray with him, love him,” the father said. Mbaka says and adds, “Please, in my absence, don’t do anything horrible or anything that somehow gives the devil an iota of opportunity or glory. . Let’s not fall into any trap.

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