Holy January’s blood liquefies for the second time in 2021

The blood of Saint January, patron of the Italian city of Naples, liquefied on Sunday.

Sep 19, 2021

Screenshot from Chiesa di Napoli’s YouTube channel.

The blood of Saint January, patron of the Italian city of Naples, liquefied on Sunday.

The miraculous event took place in the city’s Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary during morning mass on September 19, the saint’s feast day.

Before Mass, the Archbishop of Naples Domenico Battaglia visited the Royal Chapel of the Treasure of St. Januarius with Mgr. Vincenzo de Gregorio, Abbot of the Chapel, and Mayor of the City Luigi De Magistris.

Battaglia opened the safe containing a reliquary with a sealed circular vial filled with the blood of the 3rd century bishop.

During the miracle, the dried red mass confined to one side of the reliquary becomes blood that covers all the glass. In local tradition, the failure of blood to liquefy signals war, famine, disease, or other disaster.

At 10 a.m. local time, the 58-year-old Archbishop brought the reliquary to the high altar in the cathedral.

Battaglia moved the reliquary from side to side to show its altered condition.

“The blood has liquefied,” he says.

After making the sign of the cross, marking the start of the Mass broadcast live, he declared: “We thank the Lord for this gift, for this sign which is so important for our community.

In his homily, Battaglia, who was installed as Archbishop of Naples on February 2, urged Catholics to avoid superstition and to see the saint’s blood as a sign that indicates the blood shed by Jesus to redeem humanity.

The bones and blood of Saint January – San Gennaro in Italian – are kept as relics in the Cathedral of Naples. The bishop of the city in southern Italy was reportedly martyred during the persecution of Diocletian.

The famous miracle is known and accepted locally, although it has not yet received official recognition from the Church. Liquefaction traditionally occurs at least three times a year: September 19, the saint’s feast day, the first Saturday in May, and December 16, the anniversary of the 1631 eruption of nearby Mount Vesuvius.

The saint’s blood also liquefied earlier this year.

Preaching at Mass in Naples Cathedral on May 1, Battaglia urged people not to be too “intrigued by the miracle” and “gripped by the desire to read there good omens or bad omen for our future.” .

Whether the blood liquefies or not, he said, it should remind Catholics of the blood of Christ “in the paschal mystery of which we still find ourselves and which is the only one that gives meaning to the great and intense icon of Christ. blood which liquefies ”.

The archbishop, known as a “street priest” close to the poor before his elevation, spoke of victims of the Camorra mafia and domestic violence, as well as the lonely elderly and the unemployed.

He said: “There is no social plague or community wound which does not have the right of citizenship in this precious reliquary, the marvelous summit of all the treasure of Saint January.”

“But don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about precious stones, or precious stones set among gold bolsters, or silver busts of saints. The true treasure of Saint Janvier is his people, and, in him, those who sit on the margins of life, the last, the most fragile.

The Archbishop, known locally as Don Mimmo Battaglia, will receive the pallium on September 27 from the hands of Bishop Emil Paul Tscherrig, apostolic nuncio in Italy.

Before the final blessing of Sunday Mass, Battaglia descended the nave of the cathedral and through its doors, where he held up the reliquary, blessing those gathered outside.CNA

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