Gay Swedish priest refuses to marry straight couples in protest against church bigotry

As Swedish priests are not obliged to marry a couple if they are morally opposed, Lars GÃ¥rdsfeldt uses this right to fight against ecclesiastical bigotry.

The tables have been turned in Sweden where a 56-year-old priest takes a stand against discrimination against same-sex couples in the church by refusing to marry opposite-sex couples.

All priests in the Church of Sweden can refuse couples if they object to the union. Throughout history, the law has primarily been used to deny same-sex couples, although same-sex couples have been able to legally marry in church since 2009.

“I want to show the absurdity, the theological and ethical wrongdoing, to deny marriage to two consenting adults,” said Lars GÃ¥rdsfeldt P4 Gothenburg.

The protest precedes religious elections in Sweden on Sunday, where a debate erupted over whether it should be possible for newly ordained priests to refuse to marry same-sex couples.

Besides GÃ¥rdsfeldt, several Swedish parties also want to cancel the right of priests to refuse people of the same sex to ensure that there is no discrimination.

Swedish bishops should crack down on homophobia

GÃ¥rdfeldt has publicly spoken out against the lack of LGBTQAI + rights in Swedish churches, stressing that the responsibility for solving this problem lies with the bishops.

In an interview with P4 Göteborg, he calls for the protection of the rights of queer people by denying queerphobic priests to be part of Swedish churches.

“We should not ordain new priests who convey the idea that homosexuals are inferior people. I cannot understand why it is so important for bishops and archbishop to continue ordaining homosexual priests. He told P4 Göteborg.

Of Sweden’s 10 million people, around 5.8 million are members of the Church of Sweden, making it the largest religious body in the country.

GÃ¥rdfeldt himself went to Canada to legally marry his partner in a church in 2006, as at that time same-sex marriage was not legal in Sweden.

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