Foreign loans: Catholic bishops send message to Buhari government

The Catholic Archbishops of Abuja have called on the government of President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that the huge sums of money borrowed from outside are used for the development of the country as promised.

The bishops, who called on the government and law enforcement to do whatever is necessary to tackle national insecurity and restore lasting peace to the country, said Nigerians, especially young people, are currently ravaged by several challenges due to corruption and poor governance. .

This was contained in a statement released Saturday in Abuja after a two-day General Assembly. The communiqué was signed jointly by His Grace, Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Abuja, and Rev. Sebastian Musa, the chancellor.

The bishops also generally condemned the violence and relentless attacks by insurgents, bandits, kidnappers and people with criminal and dubious motives in parts of the country.

They added that the root causes of these crises and criminal acts are not unknown to authorities, but unhealthy feelings seem to play into managing the gloved threat.

The bishops said insecurity has crippled economic and agricultural activities, forcing the nation to depend on external loans for its survival.

“As part of the dividends of democracy, we call on the government to use the huge sums borrowed abroad wisely and efficiently to run government business and fund projects across the country.

Many of our young people roam the streets with faint hopes for a better future. We therefore cannot in Nigeria remain blind to the problems of corrupt governance, unemployment, insecurity, discontent among young people and the growing inability of many to meet the basic needs of life, ” it read.

They thanked God that Africa was spared from the destruction widely speculated by the coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged every continent in the world.

“The pandemic has exposed our weak political endurance and our fragile economy to more difficult situations which constitute a setback towards effective evangelism and the rapid development of our people,” the statement said.

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