Father Albert scolds Catholics for poor attendance at Sunday Mass

The outspoken parish priest of Soufriere expressed his displeasure at the low attendance at Mass on Sunday August 7, which sparked reactions from some church members.

According to Father Albert Smith, who has made controversial statements in the past, church attendance yesterday says a lot about the people of Soufriere.

“The church this morning is empty. You have a church in the middle of a city – a city of how many thousands of Catholics and the church is empty. I don’t think there are 100 people in the church this morning,” he said. his congregation, asking them to look around to see for themselves.

According to Father Smith, if there had been another occasion, the rain would not have prevented them from attending.

“A bit of rain…but if it was something at the beach park, or something at Old Trafford, or something at the stadium, or a rally, or a boat ride, the rain won’t get them prevented from leaving,” he added. explains the priest.

“I don’t know why they are not here and we call ourselves Catholics,” he added.

He questioned the sincerity of those people who claim to be serious about their religion.

“What does it mean to be Catholic? People who claim to be deep in the church, where are they this morning? asked Father Smith.

He said people who follow the masses online don’t like what he says, but that’s their problem.

“The church is empty. The church is literally empty but that’s for another show,” he said.

In 2020 the outspoken priest berated church members for donating cash to the church and last year he said the last general election had been plagued by acts of occultism . These remarks ruffled the feathers, causing many reactions from various sides.

Responding to his comments at church on Sunday, a Soufriere resident, who described herself as a member of the Catholic Church, said the priest was not in his place to criticize people for not going to church. ‘church.

“The priest is rude and out of place. He is not able to tell people when to go to church,” the resident told Loop News on condition of anonymity.

Another said such an attitude on the part of Catholic priests has led members of the Catholic Church to join other religious denominations.

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