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For the editor:

Local gas is $4.80. The economy is down 1.5% in the first quarter. The Democrats are the party of pain and misery. Inflict as much harm on Americans as we bow down to the government.

They’re not stupid, just dishonest. Union members, how’s your 401(k) doing?

Democrats stand up for women while allowing men to dominate women’s sports and appoint men to “Woman of the Year”.

Democrats say sex doesn’t exist, but they want a female president. It’s amazing – while Roe v. Wade is in the news, Democrats know what a woman is again.

There is a shortage of infant formula for American mothers, but tens of thousands of free boxes are at the border for illegal immigrants.

Democrats, in addition to killing babies in the womb, now appear to be trying to kill babies in their homes.

Progressive women proclaim “My body, my choice” unless they follow restrictions for vaccinations, masks, school, work, or dining out. Democrats want abortion to be as American as apple pie. Black women represent 7% of the population and have 40% of abortions.

Margaret Sanger couldn’t be happier – it’s one of the reasons she founded Planned Parenthood.

President Joe Biden in a recent speech said: “Abortion kills children.” It’s the only truthful thing he ever said. In 2006, Biden said: “I don’t see abortion as a choice or a right…it’s still a tragedy…be rare and safe.”

Its Treasury Secretary said “Abortions help the economy.” You can’t get much dumber than that.

Fact: On this day in 1775, the British demanded that we surrender our arms.

We shot them down.

We need to stop wondering how stupid Democrats can get – they take it as a challenge.

When a cop shoots someone, it’s the cop’s fault, but if a criminal shoots someone, it’s the gun’s fault.

We are giving over $40 billion to Ukraine and we cannot find $1 billion to secure the schools.

You are a democrat if you refer to America as a democracy, when in fact we are a constitutional republic; believe Biden runs the show; see nothing wrong with a ministry of truth; believe that freedom of expression only applies when it reflects liberal views; you are an adult and need a safe space; replacing the two-parent nuclear family with big government; ridicule religion and traditional values; demonize and defund the police; glorify antifa; call violent riots peaceful demonstrations; isolating, traumatizing, brainwashing students with harmful lockdowns, then claiming guns and Republicans are the cause of school shootings; or believe that Biden and Nancy Pelosi are Catholic.

Fact: 49% of Biden’s Twitter accounts are fake. Biden has unified the country – 79% say he’s leading the county in the wrong direction. We are systematically replaced by foreigners in an irregular situation.

Democrats would get rid of Biden if Harris wasn’t vice president.

Anyone know where Kamala is? Anyone care?

Biden’s new motto: nothing built, nothing back, nothing better.

Another first from Biden: a black, gay press secretary who was chosen for his diversity, not his qualifications. She will be impartial – her partner works for CNN.

Barry Bardon


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