Ċittadella Cathedral Museum Renovations Inauguration

The renovation works of the Ċittadella Cathedral Museum were inaugurated after an investment of €300,000 financed by European funds.

These renovations were inaugurated by the Minister of Gozo, Clint Camilleri, the Parliamentary Secretary for European Funds, Chris Bonett, and the Vicar General, Tarcisio Camilleri.

The works included a complete renovation of the museum building, while making it more accessible to people with reduced mobility by installing a lift and improving access to the entrance.

The work also included mechanical and electrical work, finishes, electrical systems, plumbing and ventilation systems.

In addition, audiovisual equipment has also been installed to enhance the experience of cultural and religious tourism.

Camilleri stressed the importance of investing in our local heritage to better preserve and protect the treasures of our country. However, he also stressed the importance of making these treasures easily accessible to the public.

“Through the KURA Association, a number of interventions are being carried out with the aim of enhancing the cultural portfolio offered to tourists visiting Gozo. These include the restoration of church structures and church paintings located in seven different places, the restoration of two church organs, the renovation of the Ċittadella museum in Victoria and the strengthening of the Don Bosco cultural and artistic center, in the same city”, Camilleri affirmed.

Bonett explained how with the investment of 2.3 million euros, 16 conservation, restoration and renovation projects have been carried out in 11 localities in Gozo. He went on to say that of the total investment, €1.7 million came from European funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

“Gozo has benefited from European funds and will continue to benefit from the new program so that more companies continue to invest and more employment and tourism opportunities are created and so we continue to invest in this island”, said said Bonett.

The manager of this project, Noel Formosa, concluded by highlighting the importance of this investment and how this museum will serve as an additional attraction in Ċittadella.

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