Churches, Archbishop and Community Come Together to Rebuild Historic North Church of St. Louis

ST. LOUIS – A century-old church in the north of the city of Saint-Louis is waiting to be reused. Behind the boarded up windows are shattered stained glass windows and an empty pulpit inside the Cathedral Church of the New Jerusalem of God in Christ.

The building at 2047 East Grand Boulevard is a city landmark and was originally built for Holy Name Parish in 1916. It is now owned by Pastor Terry Williams’ Church. He said vandals invaded the building.

“People just started going in and stealing things from the building and around the building and inside the building,” Williams said. “Electricity inside and outside the building up to the pole, all the circuit breakers, the plumbing, all the toilets, the heaters, the lights, what else can I think of, the his ; they just went there and acted like it was a supermarket.

In 2018, FOX 2 reported multiple acts of vandalism in the same church, when thieves ripped metal pipes from the wall and stole sinks and toilets.

Over the weekend, the first phase of restoration of the church began. Williams said dozens of people of all races, religions and backgrounds have started cleaning up the interior of the church. He said pastors from other local church congregations came to show their support and started cleaning up the church.

“We had about 20 different denominations trying to help us,” he said. Williams said Archbishop Mitchell T. Rozanski was helping.

Pastor Williams said the repairs would cost around $ 1.5 million.

“The Bible says the Lord will supply all of our needs, not according to our riches, but according to his riches,” said Williams. “We just trust God to guide us and help us put us in the right place with the right people to help us. “

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