Catholic University of America partners with PCC to offer business degree

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) – A new university is making its mark in Tucson.

Washington DC-based Catholic University of America is partnering with students at Pima Community College, a more affordable way to earn a business degree.

“I see this as a kind of beta experiment. We are trying to make it work here and we are determined to do it and when it is successful we will take it elsewhere in the country, ”said President John Garvey, Catholic University of America.

The university has partnered with Pima Community College, making it a one-stop-shop for students leaving with a bachelor’s degree.

“The program costs less than $ 37,000, so it’s less than $ 9,000 a year,” said Keiran Roche, program director.

The university hopes to make costs close to a Pell grant, which is a maximum of $ 6,495.

The college-university partnership extends beyond the campus: it extends to local businesses.

“We hope to help support the next generation of future business leaders here in tucson, with the support of local leaders like Jim Click and Bert Lopez from the Jim Click Automotive team and HSL properties, as well as other partners as we have Cushman & Wakefield PICOR [Commercial Real Estate] and the architectural engineering of the GHLN. “

Providing students like Dominic Dempsey with first-hand experience.

“I earn money. I am currently working at Jim Click with one of our partnerships. And thanks to this partnership between the school and Jim Click. They offered us gigs to work in the company, ”said Dempsey.

The university said it chose Tucson to serve the city and students like Dempsey who want to stay in the city they call home.

“The great thing about the program is that we’re going to be able to use what we’ve learned to improve our community,” Dempsey said.

The university said the economy and population growth was another selling point.

The Catholic University of America is now accepting applications.



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