Catholic priest suspended for promising to represent the church well

Hyacinth Alia, a Catholic priest and aspiring governor on the APC platform in Benue, pledged on Sunday to represent the church well in its political and personal conduct.

Mr. Alia reacted to his suspension by the Vatican with a letter signed by William Avenya, the bishop of the diocese of Gboko in Benue.

The aspirant was suspended to allow him to pursue his political career but will be welcomed back afterwards.

Mr. Alia said the church directive was in line with rules and regulations governing the conduct of clergy and laity.

He vowed not to disappoint the church, saying his aim in entering politics was to bring about positive changes in Benue governance and life.

“I will gladly return to continue the ministry after repositioning the quagmire of leadership in the state.

“I will be the arrowhead of positive political symbolism within the confines of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” he added.

Mr. Alia explained that there is nothing wrong with members of the clergy participating in active politics, as long as the objective is the common good of the people.

He said Benue needed determined leadership to solve the myriad issues that obsessed him.

The gubernatorial aspirant listed some of the problems including lack of good leadership, underdevelopment, poverty, insecurity and gradual loss of trust in the government.

According to Mr. Alia, there is also a need to reposition the civil service so that it functions effectively as the engine room of government through which challenges will be met.


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