Catholic priest in Tanzania suspended over allegations of sexual abuse of minors

He adds, “Justice will take its course and the church will cooperate to ensure that those who have been wronged are treated fairly.”

The TEC General Secretary further states, “The Catholic Church is against acts of sexual abuse of children, as it is meant to be a safe place for all.”

“We admit it is a problem, we have more than 3,000 priests in this country, but among them you find those who have weaknesses and shortcomings, that is why this is happening,” he said. added.

In the September 29 report, Fr. Kitima says the Church views the issue of sexual abuse of minors as “a bad thing because it raises great doubts among parents and children.”

“When children follow (First) Communion teachings, they hope to find someone who will nurture them spiritually, but when they are treated with things contrary to their goals, it becomes a big disappointment,” says the Tanzanian priest .

Prof. Kitima continues, “As a church, we are disappointed with the bad behavior of individuals, which goes against what we are supposed to build – build a person with good moral character.”

He says Fr. Soka will remain suspended “until the allegations against him are clarified.”

In the first country, Fr. Soka would have sodomized a 12-year-old child; the second charge involved a 13-year-old child, while the third involved a 12-year-old child, The Citizen reported.

The Tanzanian entity also reported that the September 26 court “declared the bond open and requested the defendant to have a guarantor who will sign a bond of 2.5 million shillings (US$1,068.00)” .

Pr. Soka is said to have “met the bail conditions of having two sureties”, reported The Citizen, adding that the case was adjourned to October 18.

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