Canon Missioner at Peterborough Cathedral named first female Dean of Hereford

The Reverend Canon Sarah Brown is the Resident Canon at Peterborough Cathedral.

The Reverend Canon Sarah Brown is the Resident Canon at Peterborough Cathedral.

Downing Street announced her appointment this morning (July 7) and she will take up her new role in the fall.

A farewell service will be held at Peterborough Cathedral on a Sunday in September, with details to be announced later.

As dean, Sarah will be the principal member of the cathedral clergy and president of the chapter, its governing body.

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She will have overall responsibility for the life, mission and ministry of the cathedral, and will represent the cathedral in the city and county, exercising responsibilities in the diocese at large.

Sarah has been a Canon Missionary at Peterborough Cathedral since January 2018, the year of the Cathedral’s 900th anniversary. Since then she has been immersed in the ministry of the cathedral to her congregation and also to the city more broadly. In particular, she has worked closely with organizations such as Near Neighbors, Light Project Peterborough and Churches Together in Central Peterborough.

Canon Sarah said: “It is a cliché to say that ‘I am humbled’ by this appointment, but it is true. It is not modesty on my part, but when I remember who I was when I first started on the Christian path, I can only wonder in awe of what God is capable of.

“If he has done this with me, then I know he can transform literally anyone who is ready, under any set of circumstances, to bring new life and new potential. I think it is. ‘It’s incredible.

“I will miss everyone in Peterborough very much, but I look forward to getting to know the people and places of Herefordshire and South Shropshire and to join in with what God is already doing in this part of the world.”

The Right Reverend Chris Dalliston, Dean of Peterborough, added:

“Sarah has brought intelligence, energy, vision and a deep passion for the gospel to her role here in Peterborough and will undoubtedly bring these qualities to Hereford as the new Dean.

“We are sad to see her go, but we are extremely grateful for all she has given and we will hold her and the community in our prayers as they begin an exciting new chapter under her leadership.”

Confirming Sarah’s appointment, The Right Reverend Richard Jackson, Bishop of Hereford, said: “I am delighted to welcome Sarah as the next Dean of Hereford. As we plan for the future of the Church of England in Herefordshire, my hope and prayer is for a healthy, growing and vibrant community of Christians of all ages who can confidently share their love of Christ with others.

“Sarah is a key part of helping bring this vision to life. She has a heart for pastoral ministry with a vision for mission, a rare combination of gifts and I am delighted to see how God is using her in her role as dean.

Sarah has lived most of her adult life in the Diocese of Peterborough and was ordained in the city in 2008 after a career in business.

His Church career has engaged at various times with the farming community, rural churches and borough of Daventry Deanery and the rapidly growing city of Peterborough.

The Hereford position combines many of these factors and will build on all of this experience.

Sarah is married to Richard and has two children. His parents also moved to Hereford and Richard’s family live just across the border in Monmouth.

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