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KOLKATA: The city’s 65 Catholic churches on Sunday saw physical services (mass) organized by parish priests and a limited number of 50 members present with enthusiasm and piety, following all safety protocols and praying for a “third wave softer”. Temperature checks, hand sanitization, masked entry, remote seats were all in place, and priests ensured that only those who had been vaccinated checked in for Sunday services. Those who had not yet been vaccinated were advised to enter only after taking the vaccine.
Although Catholic churches reopened on Thursday and no more than 20 people were allowed in, the archdiocese had allowed the number to increase to a maximum of 50 on Sunday, as services rendered that day were special for the community. As the majority were still at home, the services were broadcast live so that they could attend from their homes. In each church, services saw a prayer for better times to come as priests and parishioners prayed that the third wave did not turn out to be as harsh as the second.
Archbishop Thomas D Souza set the tone for Sunday services by reading Mass at 6.30am in the chapel of the St. Joseph’s Home for the Elderly with the elderly inmates participating in fervent prayers. The archbishop had called on pastors two days ago to adopt special programs for the elderly, who should feel that the church was by their side in this hour of crisis. The first installation ceremony for priests of the Catholic Church this year took place on Sunday at Our Lady of Happy Voyage Church, where Vicar General Dominic Gomes installed Father Sunil Kujur in a two-hour ceremony in which were attended by 50 parishioners.
Starting with the morning services, several churches held special services throughout the day so that each time 50 new enthusiastic faces could enter the church. “We held four services throughout the day. Fear still hangs in the air and the greatest precautions have been taken, but there is no denying the happiness in the eyes of those who entered, ”said Father Lucas, priest of St Thomas’ Church in Middleton Row. .
Sunil Baptist, a member of St. Theresa’s Church, was happy to be back in church after a two-month hiatus. “It’s not the same as attending an online service. I am so happy to have received Communion physically, ”he said. The church has two floors on which the parishioners were evenly distributed. Irving Kleinman (70), however, was sad that he could not be one of the 50 people who physically attended the service at Christ the King Church in Park Circus. “I’ll wait until next time. I joined virtually, ”he said.
Summarizing the mood of the first physical Sunday church service, Vicar General Dominic Gomes said: “The refrain was of hope and heartfelt prayers to the Lord that the days to come may be sweeter, than the horror of the second. wave is over and the third wave, if at all, passes smoothly.
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