Bishop to sue anti-vaccines who called him “sold, antichrist, mason”

A metropolitan bishop in northern Greece has filed a complaint against two people who claimed on social media that he had banned the burial of people who died from coronavirus and was a “sold-out anti-Christ”. [and] freemason.”

Pavlos, Metropolitan of Drama, claimed the posts insulted and defamed him and spread false news.

Police then located and arrested the two defendants, who were brought before a prosecutor, who ordered them to stand trial before releasing them.

In the meantime, the two have apologized for their posts, which they deleted from social media.

Metropolitan Pavlos, however, said he would continue with the trial. Speaking to reporters after a meeting with the prosecutor, the cleric urged the faithful to take all precautions when entering certain churches where priests do not follow the required preventive measures and even urge their congregations not to do so. vaccinate.

He said the first offensive post about him claimed he was banning the burial of those who died from the coronavirus while the other person posted his photo with the comment “Here is the dumpster, antichrist, freemason.”

The cleric described the charges against him as “the most serious that one can bring against a priest or even a bishop.” That is, I have been bribed by someone, that I am the antichrist, when I am the way of Christ in the local church, and that I am a Freemason. “

He called on hesitant priests to get vaccinated so that it could serve as a “good model for Christians.” [AMNA]

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