Bishop of Negros is recovering from Covid


The Bishop of San Carlos Gerardo Alminaza has resumed his ministry for the Roman Catholic Church after recovering from Covid-19.

“Twenty-one days after testing positive for Covid-19, I am now negative,” said Alminaza, who presided over a mass at the San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral parish in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental yesterday.

“God has shown me who is in control and how free and peaceful I can be if I learn to ‘let go and let God!’

The bishop had tested positive for Covid on June 20 and was symptomatic.

He was released from San Carlos Medical Hospital on June 25 after a six-day lockdown and also completed the 21-day quarantine period.

“I have more admiration, respect and gratitude for everyone in the health service now, especially the front lines,” Alminaza said.

“Although isolated but never alone, I feel more present and connected to many more people, I see more depth and a wider vision, I notice more dimensions of life, I recognize more painful, embarrassing truths but liberating on myself and our communities, discovered more strength in helplessness, made more important decisions and accomplished more – but not without the grace of God and the unity and collaboration of our core team ”, a he added.

Alminaza has been advised to be conscientiously guarded in accepting commitments due to his pre-existing medical condition.

He directed the faithful to observe at all times the health and safety protocols established by the Department of Health and the Interagency Task Force. *

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