Bishop advises churches on message of peace and love

The Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Niger, Rt. Rev. Owen Nwokolo said on Saturday that the church must be ready to play a leading role in ensuring peaceful coexistence between communities.

Nwokolo spoke by dedicating a cathedral donated by a lawyer, Mr. Donald Amamgbo, to the Anglican Diocese of Ihiala in Anambra State.

While dedicating the cathedral named “Revival Chapel,” the bishop said churches should preach messages of peace and love.

He said, “To build this structure, Amamgbo has shown that he loves God and wants God to be worshiped in his holiness and in a suitable atmosphere.

“The church has a role to play in ensuring peaceful coexistence between communities and this must be done by preaching messages of peace, hope and love.”

Amamgbo said service to God and to humanity inspired him to donate the cathedral.

He said the church, as a tool to drive positive change and peaceful coexistence within the community, should be well equipped to effectively play its role.

He said there was no political connotation in his gesture except that he wanted people to worship God in a suitable atmosphere.

He said: “This initiative has no political overtones, it is not the first project that I will do for my community and it does not need to be politically motivated.

“I set out to build a historic church, something you will see in the next 50 years and which will always be in vogue. All equipment is standard.

He advised members of the community to see the cathedral as a tool for peaceful coexistence and societal integration.

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