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Joe Biden received Communion while attending Mass in the American Church in Rome, a day after the US President met Pope Francis and later said the Pontiff told him he was a “good Catholic” who could receive the sacrament.

Mass and Biden’s pre-declaration has driven a wedge between Francis and conservative American bishops who want to deny him the right to receive Communion due to Biden’s support for abortion rights.

A person inside the church told Reuters on Saturday that the president, who had attended mass sitting at the back of the church with his wife Jill, had received Communion.

Biden regularly attends mass and receives communion in Washington, where the local archbishop, Cardinal Wilton Gregory, has done nothing to stop him.

Biden, the second Catholic president of the United States, has said he personally opposes abortion but, as an elected official, cannot impose his point of view on others.

In Rome, where he was attending a G20 summit of the richest nations in the world, he attended mass at St Patrick’s Church, near the American Embassy.

Pope Francis is also the Bishop of Rome, so Biden went to Mass and received Communion in his Archdiocese.

Last month, the Pope, when asked about the communion debate in the United States, told reporters that abortion was “murder,” even shortly after conception, but appeared to criticize American bishops for having dealt with the issue in a political rather than a pastoral way.

“Communion is not a price for the perfect,” said the Pope. “Communion is a gift, the presence of Jesus and his church.”

In June, a divided conference of American Catholic bishops voted to draft a communion statement that some bishops say should specifically rebuke Catholic politicians, including Biden. They take up the subject again next month.

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