Anglican priest suspended for illegal sale of church land

The Bishop of the Diocese of Namirembe, Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, announced the suspension of. Sekiziyivu

An Anglican priest has been suspended for illegally selling church land.

Reverend Semei Sebina Sekiziyivu, St Andrews Parish Church in Kiteezi, has been suspended from his priestly duties pending investigations into charges of illegally selling church land. He has been replaced by the retired Reverend Eriya Kawooya.

Writing on behalf of the Bishop of the Diocese of Namirembe, Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira, the Secretary of the Diocese, the Reverend Canon Henry Segawa, announced the priest’s suspension.

“It has come to our knowledge that your handling of church land issues has not followed church procedures. You are hereby ordered to retire from the affairs of the ward and the land until you are recalled, ”read part of the letter dated September 3.

The suspension of Rev. Sekiziyivu followed complaints from Christians questioning the way he had handled and authorized the takeover of church lands without giving due consideration to church processes and procedures.

Reverend Sekiziyivu was suspended along with the Archdeacon of Gayaza, Reverend Herbert Nyanzi Kabanda who was his immediate superior.

Lay leader St. Andrews Church Julius Buwembo says Reverend Sekiziyivu has clashed with various people to take over church land under the guise of development.

The land which measures 2 acres is located in the village of Bamba. It is alleged that Reverend Sekiziyivu ordered the destruction of an avocado and coffee plantation to establish a new church in an area less than a mile from St. Andrews Church.

Buwembo also alleged that Sekiziyivu allowed Mary Namuddu to access and develop part of the land without the consent of Church leaders.

While claiming to have acquired the lease through the Diocese of Namirembe, Namuddu worked closely with Reverend Sekiziyivu who called in the police at the time of the resistance.

“While using false documents, Reverend Sekiziyivu granted Namuddu a lease and he used force on all land issues. In Kayanga village we have 50 acres but with squatters and what he did, on the remaining space he brought people over, ”Buwembo said.

According to Buwembo, the Kiteezi church is on the verge of losing its enclosure due to Sekiziyivu’s actions.

Rev. Can. Segawa commended the leadership of the diocese for the courage and sacrifice to save the church land.

Bishop Luwalira said the Church will investigate the complaints and present a report and recommendations.



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