A new era dawns as the annual Galway Novena goes live

A new format for the annual Galway Novena was announced this week. Recognizing that COVID 19 can still cause very real damage, the next novena will be celebrated “online” and participants will have two opportunities each day to tune in to a live liturgy of prayer, worship, music, preaching and Blessing directly from Galway Cathedral.

In recent comments, the parish priest of the cathedral, Monsignor Peter Rabbitte, invited people of all ages and walks of life across the city and beyond to set aside time during the novena to focus on meaning. of their lives, the order of their priorities and their relationship with God, family and community.

According to Bishop Rabbitte, “We see in the Gospel that Jesus constantly seeks time and space to contemplate his relationship with the Father and to speak to him and listen to him in prayer.

“Although this year our novena will gather people in line rather than in large crowds, this great festival of faith will give each of us the opportunity to do as Christ did – to find solace, solace, hope, understanding and love from a loving Father,” he said.

The new Novena format will start on February 21 and run for nine days until March 1. With the theme “St. Joseph, a Man for All Seasons,” the Cathedral’s online novena liturgies, led by the Redemptorist Fathers, will air at 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be available “in person” each weekday afternoon from 3-5 p.m. There will also be facilities on the novena website to submit petitions and thanksgiving and arrange for a candle to be lit in your name in front of the Shrine of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Traditional novena mass cards are now available from the cathedral’s book and gift shop.

Welcoming the details of the Novena 2022, the newly ordained Fr. John Gerard Acton, who now ministers at Galway Cathedral, said “the Church was founded on the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and always strives for new beginnings, bring new life and new hope to the world and find new paths. to bring the reality and the message of the Gospel to new people.

“COVID 19 has kept us from doing a lot over the past two years, but we have learned to adapt to changing circumstances.

“This year’s new novena format is a bit of an experiment but, please God, it will be a catalyst of renewal and joy for all of us after a long and difficult winter.

The Galway Cathedral Novena 2022 is available online from 21 February at www.galwaycathedral.ie/novena

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