10 Priests In Horror Movies, Ranked From Least To Most Terrifying

The next horror movie prey for the devil will focus on a nun learning exorcism alongside a young priest. Often, priests are one of the most dangerous professions to have in a horror movie. They may hold secret knowledge that could defeat the great evil in the movie, but sadly, that knowledge is most often what leads to their downfall. Or in some cases become the doom themselves.

Some priests are terrifying by what they become. Others are terrifying because of the circumstances in which they find themselves. In any case, their faith is a major aspect of their character.


ten Priest (Priest)

Priest is an action-horror film set in an alternate land where the Church reigns supreme. Priests act as executioners of the Church’s will against the dark creatures that roam the night. One of them, simply known as Priest, comes out of retirement to rescue one of his nieces from a vampire kidnapper.

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The movie isn’t so scary because it’s really cool. The priest himself, played by Paul Bettany, is only terrifying to those who stand in his way, as he is firmly on the side of humanity. Still, it’s never a good idea to underestimate a man who hunts things that hustle in the night.

9 Dillon (Alien 3)

Dillon is a convict, guilty of terrible crimes such as murder and rape. With Ripley’s luck in his teammates, people expected Dillon to turn on his heels at some point. However, after Ripley has a talk with him, she finds a truly rehabilitated man, a rarity in the world. Extraterrestrial franchise.

He became the unofficial leader of the inmates and was instrumental in defeating the xenomorph threat. He even saves Ripley from an attempted assault by his fellow inmates. It only makes his eventual fate even sadder, though thankfully he did it on his own terms. Even the damned are capable of redemption.

8 Father McGruder (Braindead)

Most casual moviegoers hear the name Peter Jackson and think of intellectual fantasy, adaptations of Tolkien’s most legendary work, and sweeping the awards scene in a plethora of categories. They certainly wouldn’t expect one of his first films to be Brain death.

Brain death features a priest who, although he didn’t last that long, became instantly iconic with a single line. Shouting “I kick for the Lord” defiantly as the undead assaulted him, he cemented his place in horror movie stunt doubles, even as he turned into a zombie himself. macabre.

seven Cotton Marcus (The Last Exorcism)

Cotton Marcus is a jaded priest who, despite his belief in God, has no such faith in the Church he serves. He sees the supernatural as a means for men to supplant the beliefs of others. His already shaken faith is further tested by his participation in the so-called “last exorcism”.

Cotton Marcus is a fascinating character for a horror movie. Often, priests are characterized by their strong faith, but Cotton Marcus is plagued with doubt. The fact that an intelligent man places so much doubt in his own practice is his own mark of destabilization. Even if the fears of demonic possession quickly become too real.

6 “Father Max” (The Hour of Purification)

cleaning time plays with the idea of ​​”fake exorcisms” by showing what happens when these tricksters come face to face with a creature from hell. “Father Max” moonlights as a “true exorcist” with his own show streaming live online. However, all of his supposed exorcisms are staged to look like “found footage” only.

At least, until one of their segments takes a sinister turn. Father Max’s story is revealed throughout the film, featuring a broken man who was spat out by the Church who he believed would save him. He was a true priest who left the order because of past trauma, and that trauma is unsettling to explore.

5 Reverend Jacob Meeker (The Blob)

The eccentric Reverend Jacob Meeker started out as a typical small-town priest, who believed the titular Blob was a sign from God that the apocalypse was near. And over the course of the film, Reverend Meeker slowly loses his mind.

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His collar is more and more undone, his hair messy and his speech is less and less coherent. The Reverend’s sting of himself as a kind of “Horseman of the Apocalypse”, holding a tiny bit of the Blob, left the audience shocked in their seats.

4 John Ketcham (The Amityville Horror)

John Ketcham is the priest of a xenophobic cult that in the 17th century committed hundreds of atrocities on the country’s American Indians. The pain he inflicted and his own ritual suicide are the reason the Amityville Mansion has become one of the most haunted houses in horror history.

It was his actions that triggered the curse on the Amityville home, with his hatred remaining strong. Not only that, the hatred his victims feel also remains, driving one of the house’s residents even further into madness. Even in death, John Ketcham continues to terrorize the innocent.

3 Harry Powell (Night of the Hunter)

Harry Powell seems at a glance the perfect clergyman. Strong in his faith but still charismatic enough to attract an audience. Both men and women find him easy to be around. However, Harry Powell is far from following the teachings of God. In fact, he uses God as a cover for his gruesome crimes.

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Robert Mitchum stars as a psychotic preacher who takes on widows surprisingly well. It’s considered one of his most iconic performances for good reason. Long before the likes of psychology Plagued by the idea of ​​the charismatic killer, Harry Powell was already terrifying 1950s audiences with his sadism.

2 Lucas Trevant (The Rite)

Lucas Trevant is on the face of it the best exorcist a possessed person could ask for. According to Church law, he is not only a priest, but also a doctor. This means that he does not need any help in his exorcisms. Plus, he has decades of experience under his belt. He even helps his young protege, Michael, find his faith in God.

Behind his mask, however, is a weary old man who has visions of all the exorcisms he’s performed every time he closes his eyes. His doubts and grief allow him to become possessed by a demon, and Anthony Hopkins playing a sadistic demon is unlikely to be forgotten by viewers.

1 Damien Karras (The Exorcist)

Damien Karras is a wonderfully complex character and the only part of the cast to be in two good Exorcist movies. Damien Karras is not only a priest, but a psychiatrist. His faith is not as strong as Father Merrin’s. The contrast between his cynicism and Merrin’s unwavering conviction is contested throughout the film.

What makes Damien Karras a terrifying priest is not because of what he is, but what he becomes. As The Exorcist III reveals, he has become the soul host of the Gemini Killer and must watch helplessly as his body murders innocent people in horribly brutal ways.

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